Creative can offload, supplement, & support the efforts of your business’s engineering & design team, leaving them free to focus on whatever makes them most valuable to you.

We want to be a productive turnkey solution to your business problems, demanding little supervision & getting you quality results.



Large Companies

Creative can supplement your in-house staff during hectic periods when they have too much to do & not enough time to give it the attention it really needs.

Mid-Sized Companies

We can grant specialized expertise & industry insights that may be unavailable internally, ensuring that you cover all your bases without wasting hours researching & implementing solutions.

Smaller Companies

Creative can act as a turnkey Product Development & Engineering department: you hand us your company’s current problem, we get you quality results.

The Creative Development Process offers these results for your product:

  • It works: We prioritize function, seeking simple & elegant solutions.

  • It looks good: Visually appealing & ergonomic designs

  • It’s ready for production: Manufacturable, reliable, & cost effective production designs

  • It’s patentable: Patent-worthy improvements often result from our work

  • Peace of mind: customers know the project is in good hands, & are free to focus on other priorities


Our customer’s projects often require:

  • Aggressive Cost Targets

  • Differentiation in Crowded Markets

  • Innovative Mechanical Solutions

  • Compelling Aesthetics & Functionality

  • Resolving Conflicting Design Goals

  • Making Tight Deadlines



We offer a Manufacturing Assessment for $1600. An engineer will audit your manufacturing data for a full day, providing you with a detailed Manufacturing Assessment Report & a brief presentation of all findings.

Rolling a design out to manufacture can be risky, & even small errors in your CAD data can result in enormously expensive repairs. Our Manufacturing Assessment service grants you a second set of eyes, examining your design & your data for production-readiness, high-risk areas, tool durability, & potential cost savings.

Depending on staff availability, your assessment may be booked on any business day.

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