Consumer Product Design and Engineering

 We have years of experience taking many kinds of consumer products to the next level. Our team can take your ideas from concept to production-ready data and will sure the results stand out from the competition and work the first time.


The CE Advantage

Our rigorous mechanical engineering and development expertise can make your product:

  • Functional

  • Elegant

  • Manufacturable

  • Robust

  • Adaptable

Our Process

We start with a meeting to ascertain the specific needs & budgetary constraints of your company, then develop a scope of work that matches your current business needs, from ideation to manufacturing support.

  • Brainstorm

  • Design and Breadboard

  • Engineer

  • Prototype

  • Refine

  • Document

Success Stories

As product development specialists, our team has designed numerous successful products for clients in many industries. Take a look at our overall portfolio or look at some of the industries we’ve had multiple projects in.