This line of eco-friendly pet products is produced with a biobased material that is primarily rice husks and bamboo grass. The products are certified under the USDA Biopreferred program.

USDA BioPreferred Website:

The goal of the project was to create functional products with an appealing aesthetic that is compatible with the unique process requirements required to mold this biobased material.

A clean, airy aesthetic was developed for the bowls to highlight the gentle ecological footprint of Eco Bowl’s product line. Arching ends provide convenient grip areas while “floating” the bowl off the floor.

Care was taken on the design of the foot areas and the parting lines of the bowls in order to ensure a stable stance on the floor. Fluid capacity is balanced with size limitations, and optimized for three different sizes based on the same aesthetic. The products are designed to be nested for shipping and retail display, further minimizing environmental impact.

A litter pan was also designed, with similar attention to detail. The side walls gently flair outwards to provide added rigidity and an appealing appearance. The floor of the pan has a compound convex shape to provide rigidity and ensure that only the four corners touch the floor.

Vann Ness sourced the new material and manufacturing method for Eco Bowl, and Creative was responsible for coordinating the styling and performing all engineering and project management.

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