Hearing protection Devices and Attenuation Button for Same



Patent Number: US20180098885A1

A manually, selectively attenuating earplug button, for insertion into a cavity of an earplug of a hearing protection device, is provided which includes a longitudinal central axis; a first opening to receive sound from an ambient environment; a second opening to output at least a portion of said sound; and an audio channel located between said first and second openings, said audio channel having a sound attenuation valve for permitting a wearer to manually adjust the amount of sound admitted to the wear's ear from said ambient environment. Also provided is a hearing protection device, including an earplug made of a soft resilient material having a hardness on the Shore A Durometer hardness scale, and an earplug button which is manually controllable by the wearer and capable of providing a plurality of sound attenuation settings, said earplug button disposed at least partially within a cavity of said earplug.

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