HI & DRI Dental Saliva Management Tool


The client came to us with a disposable dental product with a highly complex surface to design for manufacturability.

Medical Design Excellence Award Winner
Industrial Design Excellence Award Winner

Background:  Hi & Dri is a disposable oral isolation tool that allows the dentist to operate safely inside the patient’s mouth by keeping the patient’s tongue and cheek out of harm’s way.  It gets positioned into the patient’s mouth and the shape lends itself to fitting into various mouth shapes and sizes.

Problem: Parametrically model injection molded parts with highly contoured surfaces. Creating CAD models that include complex surfaces is one of our specialties. We have the aesthetic sensitivity and surface modeling skills to meet the needs of even the most demanding industrial designed shapes.

Solution: The award-winning DriDent Hi & Dri product was modeled using Pro/Engineer and the injection mold tooling was built directly from the 3-D CAD data.