Interconnectable Building Block Container capable of storing other things


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Methods and apparatus for removably or irremovably interconnectable building block containers (600,602) such as those capable of initially storing consumable items such as food and drink. After consumption of the food or drink, the cavity containing same may be cleaned and/or refilled with consumable or non-consumable items. The building block containers are utilized as building block toys and may be manufactured or otherwise designed to be collectible. In one aspect, the container connectors (10) are nearly identical such that any one connector may mate with any other connector. In another aspect, the connectors are nearly identical but the orientations of each connector vary to allow mating to occur when the connectors are properly oriented. In another aspect, the container is a cube juice box with connectors on all four comers of all six sides of the container. A frame ( 604) for holding a juice container may also be utilized.