Intravenous Infusion Pump


Creative Engineering provided mechanical engineering expertise to take a conceptual model of a syringe infusion system and to design and prototype the system for manufacturability.

After our successful design of the Freedom60, RMS products wanted to create a more compact and easy to use version of their existing product. Together, we came up with the Freedom Edge Syringe Infusion System. We kept the constant force spring which drives the infusion and the the flow regulation by tubing diameter, but changed a few key details. The Freedom Edge has a lower capacity than the Freedom60, which limits the kinds of treatments it can do, but makes it much more compact and convenient for those treatments. It has fewer moving parts and a much simpler user interface, meaning there’s little to no learning curve. It also features a progress window so the user can check infusion progress.

Learn more about the project by looking at the Freedom60 project page, or at the RMS website.

Product Website: FreedomEdge

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