Dorel High Chair


Sub-Optimal Folded Size
High Shipping Cost
High Production Cost
Encumbered By Legacy Patents
Uncooperative Factory



80% Folded Size
80% Shipping Cost
New Patentable Design
Better Factory
110% Functionality



There are a lot of options when one is looking for a high chair for their child. Few are rated well, but there is certainly competition. Dorel Juvenile makes great children’s products, and wanted to take back market share. There are many patents for various high chair designs and it was impossible to come up with another new way of making a folding highchair. To complicate things, they were victim to their factory owning the design. This meant they were locked into that factories prices, and creative design abilities. The team at Dorel came to us with the challenge of creating a NEW patent-able design for a folding high chair, as well as the goal of cutting production costs.


Creative was able to come up with a totally new linkage design that was novel enough to be patented, while maintaining the desired function of the folding chair. As desired, Dorel now had a new design that didn’t infringe upon the intellectual property of their factory’s old design. Because of this new IP, they were able to switch to a better and more cost effective factory that worked for them.
Fulfilling the bonus goal, our new folding mechanism allowed the chair to remain the same size in use, but decreased the folded size by 20%. This qualified for huge savings on shipping the product in bulk from overseas.