iSpin Headphone Speaker


With an idea for a headphone speaker and patent in hand, the clients, two entrepreneurs who were new to the product development process, came to us for help with guiding and managing the entire product development process from coming up with feasible solutions to making the final product.

More Information:

Our clients, entrepreneurs Janette Gleyzer and Oded Nir who were new to the product development process, needed a functional and beautiful prototype of their patented concept.

Creative Engineering helped bring their concept from a basic idea to a highly refined functional and aesthetic model.

Major challenges on this project included designing custom slip ring connections for the input cable and earbud wires, as well as a unique volume control ring that incorporates the speaker outlet.


  • Earphone cables and audio input cable can be separately retracted and locked in any position.

  • Personal speaker for MP3 players.


  • Complement iPod styling.

  • Speaker with volume control.

  • Headphone storage.

  • Cable retraction and locking.

  • Miniature size.


Creative was responsible for managing the product development process, conceptualizing the electro-mechanical solutions, breadboard prototyping, CAD development, engineering, final prototyping, and the final deliverable. Aesthetics were developed by a collaborator,  Studios GO.