Powered Antithrombotic Foot Mobility Device

Patent Number: US20030036462A1

A foot mobility device includes a body, two pedals rotatable about an axis in opposition to each other and relative to the body, and a motor drive assembly. The feet of a user are placed on the pedals, and the motor drive assembly is powered to move the pedals even while the user is completely passive; i.e., without any active participation by the user. Moreover, the sensation received by the use, rather than being one of typical “exercise”, is massage-like and therapeutic, all while providing the same benefit of increased blood circulation due to contraction and relaxation of the calf muscle. The device may also be used in an active mode, pedaled by the user. Moreover, the foot mobility device may be moved between an open configuration adapted for use of the device and a collapsed configuration having a low profile and adapted for storage and portability.