Reflexonic Viberect e.d. Rehabilitation Device


The client came to us with the Viberect, a rehabilitation device for patients following prostate surgery or spinal cord injury and treating erectile dysfunction, to develop the product for feasibility and manufacturability.


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The goal of the project was to create a device incorporating clinically promising bilateral stimulation in an easy to use and visually appealing form factor.

The Viberect® is an FDA cleared rechargeable vibratory stimulation device available only by prescription, for rehabilitation following prostate surgery or spinal cord injury, and treating erectile dysfunction.

Important considerations were clinical effectiveness, size, battery life, styling, and noise level. The design incorporates a spring-loaded hinged housing which incorporates internal stops to limit range of articulation. Achieving the correct frequency range and amplitude of movement of the pads was critical to the success of the development of the product.

The pads are supported by a flexure bearing which is driven in a reciprocating fashion by an eccentrically driven crank arm. The geometry of the pad holder and housing is designed in such a way as to isolate the fragile flexure from damage when external forces are applied to the pads.

A backlit keypad allows the user to select among three motor drive options and adjust the speed. The unit is rechargeable or usable corded, and once powered on, is activated by the closing of a switch mounted in the hinge joint. A spring in the hinge joint keeps the arms apart. The housing was designed with a sleek and appealing appearance, and much care was given to avoid visible fasteners while retaining the required structural integrity.

This product was conceived by a urologist and Creative brought in the resources to do the electronics development and styling. Creative was responsible for product development process oversight, mechanical engineeringCADprototypingtesting,  creating documentation for production, and some followup coordination. This product is currently featured on the Reflexonic® web site.