Your product is entering a marketplace where you need every advantage to succeed. Our experienced team of mechanical engineers & designers can help you understand your competitors’ products & assist you in developing compelling responses to their features & capabilities, or to accurately record your own past designs in a format you can use.


Measurement, scanning, & our well-reasoned interpolation of design intent can give you critical insights into devices & mechanisms. We can also supply robust CAD models for more thorough examination & fabrication, or for adapting to your own purposes.


Our analysis tools range from the most basic methods (manual measurement, matching reference images) to sophisticated & (e.g. CAT scans & MRI). We’re equally prepared to use professional 3D scanning equipment or run a part thru a bandsaw, whichever will get you the results you need.


We’re comfortable helping you reverse engineer:

  • Metal components

  • Plastic parts

  • Composites

  • Ceramics

  • Simple mechanisms

  • Complex assemblies

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