Rotating TV Mechanism


SceniCorp, a Brooklyn TV set and display fabricator, came to Creative on a short deadline with tough requirements for building a rotating TV mechanism that would be used on the live set of BET’s 106 and Park music video show. 

More Information:

The heavy 70″ touchscreen TV needed to smoothly rotate between portrait and landscape orientation at the touch of a button to switch between music videos and Twitter feeds. The mechanism had to be simple, durable and constructed mainly from off-the-shelf components, while any custom components needed to be within the fabrication capabilities of SceniCorp.

The entire mechanism was powered by a small, one-way AC motor. Secured by sturdy off-the-shelf ball bearing mounts, two pulleys connected by a belt drive slowed down the motor speed while increasing the torque. A tensioner pulley ensured that the proper amount of friction was placed on the two reduction pulleys. Two carefully designed cams worked in sequence with four position switches to smoothly stop the TV in the vertical and horizontal positions. The clever linkage system allows the motor to rotate a full 360 degrees while the TV only rotates 90.