Spinlight 360 Photography Lighting


Handling the project from start to finish, we helped develop a camera light that attaches to the camera and allows the photographer to control numerous lighting conditions.

Product Website: www.spinlight360.com


More Information:

As any photographer would tell you, lighting is key to taking the perfect picture. That’s why one professional photographer came to Creative with a great concept for easily controlling where a camera flash aims and reflects light.

The SpinLight 360 easily straps to any external external camera flash for maximum compatibility. As sketched in the Inventor Consultation meeting, the design would have a spinning ring that allows the user to easily switch between light and dark bounce cards, and smoothly rotate the card around the flash.


The SpinLight360 is exceptionally effective in allowing photographers to quickly manipulate their bounced light quickly for the perfect shot. With features like a snap-in softening dome and colored gel filters, the SpinLight360 takes into account all the different needs of photographers. Creative Engineering handled the project from start to finish, from sketching the initial concept, to preliminary prototypes and manufacturing support.

The SpinLight360 is now available for sale at SpinLight360.com

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