Design Engineers

Our team of experienced design engineers specializes in exceptional product development and mechanical design, ensuring that your product has the best chance at success. We also work as an on-demand engineering department, offloading product design work from key people in your company and leaving them free to focus on other things, with the confidence of knowing that the project is in good hands.

Our goal is to be a productive partner in your development strategy, demanding little supervisory time but delivering high quality results.



Our rigorous design engineering & development know-how can make your product:

  • Functional

  • Elegant

  • Manufacturable



We start with a meeting to ascertain the needs and budgetary constraints of your company, then develop a scope of work that matches your current business needs, from ideation to manufacturing support:

  • Brainstorm

  • Design and Breadboard

  • Engineer

  • Prototype

  • Refine

  • Document



As product development specialists, our group of design engineers has developed new products in many industries. From consumer products to government contracts, take a look at our portfolio of projects and patents.

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