Paul Dowd

Inventing and building toys and toy mechanisms in Hasbro’s R&D department gave Paul a good understanding of the early design process as well as an appreciation for the work of Industrial Designers. At BuddyL, he was involved in all aspects of product development, performing both administrative and engineering duties such as project tracking, cost package preparation, breadboard development, engineering, prototyping, debugging, and product testing. He also traveled to China to oversee production starts, and performed creative work and on set support for TV commercials.

At BuddyL, Paul implemented Pro/Engineer and pioneered a streamlined high tech product development process which blurred the boundaries between design, engineering and manufacturing. His broad experience in product development, combined with parametric solid modeling and rapid prototyping technologies, allowed Paul to create new products with previously unthinkable speed and attention to detail.

Taking the lessons he learned, Paul founded this company in 1995, and has been providing his unique brand of “Creative Engineering” ever since.

Advanced Engineering, BuddyL Toys, 1991-1995
Mechanical Technical Designer, Hasbro, Inc., 1989-1991
BSME, Cornell University, 1988

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Norm Barrigas

In 25 years in the field, Norm has engineered everything from high touch industrial designed consumer products to high speed paper handling machinery. For more than a decade, Norm has been pushing the limits of the capabilities of Pro/Engineer, particularly while developing highly complex injection-molded products. Norm’s role is as technical lead and he has been involved in all aspects of the development cycle from feasibility to manufactured product. He has taught Pro/E Advanced Part and Advanced Assembly CAD classes and performed corporate Pro/E implementations.

Norm likes to work on tough projects, whether it is developing an entire bus or a compact telecommunications device. With his sensitivity to aesthetics, high level of expertise in plastic part design, mastery of CAD, and strong mechanical design skills, Norm has what it takes to meet the challenge.

Project Engineer/Senior Design Engineer, Pitney Bowes, Inc., 2001-2005
Senior Design Engineer, Anderson Design, Inc., 1997-2001
Design Engineer, Norco, Inc., 1985-1996

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Ryan Kelly

Ryan discovered a passion for design engineering towards the end of his tenure at university. While participating in an entrepreneurial incubator at his alma mater, he discovered that bringing new ideas into the physical world was what he liked best. Ryan’s business oriented thought process, along with his technical background, allow him to provide innovative business solutions through engineering.
Ryan enjoys the process of brainstorming solutions and finds entertainment in engineering a design to be cost effective. At Binghamtom, he built a Mini Baja racing vehicle from scratch for his senior capstone project. He is an experienced machinist in addition to his engineering design, and parametric modeling prowess. After demonstrating some serious skills and a strong aptitude for learning as an intern at Creative Engineering, he was brought on as a full-time Design Engineer.

BSME, Binghamton University, 2015

Preferred Oreo Technique: Varies wildly according to mood.

Bennet Poepping

Bennet’s interest in product design stems from his desire to improve everyday tools and processes. Even in his work at other non-technical jobs as a student, he always searched for ways to improve anything he could to make everyone’s lives easier.
As a design engineer, Bennet’s focus is on finding simple and robust solutions through prototyping and testing. Bringing his strong CAD modelling skills and practical prototyping ability, Bennet comes with a breadth of experience resulting from his work on a variety of products from luggage cases and wall mounting hardware, to critical medical devices.

Product Development Engineer, Inch, 2014-2015
Mechanical Engineering Intern, MYT Works, 2013-2014
BSME, Carnegie Mellon University, 2012

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Marisa Moore

Marisa is the Rosetta Stone at Creative Engineering. With an organizational talent and a keen eye for detail, she manages many key operations in the office. Outside of work, she enjoys web design, graphic arts, and photography. A modern renaissance woman, Marisa has a degree in Psychology and is currently working on another Bachelor’s degree.

Executive Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Customer Service Agent
A.S. in Psychology

Preferred Oreo Technique: Extract all cream, eat as quickly as possible, then savor clean cookies.

Josh Pelton

Josh’s enthusiasm for finding unconventional solutions & absorbing information extends to any field he encounters – he’s equally at home discussing high-level design abstractions, tolerances on bolt holes, CAD styles & their relative merits, or his favorite mathematicians. He likes to examine the underlying principles & history of any design, so he can see what really makes it tick.

With a decade of engineering experience in diverse industries ranging from industrial machine components to custom decorative lighting, Josh is always on the lookout for new ways of thinking about how to make stuff & make it awesome.

Product Design Engineer, Vision Quest Lighting, 2010-2017
Design Engineer, Cooper Lighting, 2009-2010
Mechanical Engineer, THK America Inc, 2008-2009
BSME, UC San Diego, 2008

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